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Chapter 2

As I launch this website, I feel like LivingCoronaPositive is moving into Chapter 2 of its life.

Yesterday marked 21 days from the start of our symptoms and a clear turning point for the family in terms of healing (including Dad being the last of us to get better) and officially being de-isolated, which has given us all a sense of relief and release from the heavy hold that COVID-19 has had on us.

It's been a roller coaster of a journey that I think deserves a post all of its own but to summarise Chapter 1 of LivingCoronaPositive Jules & I:

  • Created our IG account @livingcoronapositive

  • Overcame our individual fears of sharing our story and personal lives for the world to see

  • Brought together a community of 10,000 amazing people

  • Told our story of contracting and recovering from COVID-19

  • Connected with over 2,000 people individually by addressing their worries and concerns

  • Learned a LOT about COVID-19

  • Got over our fears of sharing and developed our "voice"

  • Figured out the tech side of building and managing social accounts and creating content

  • Did about 20 radio and TV interviews talking about our first hand experience

  • Came to understand that a predominant side-effect of this virus, significantly affecting many (and in some cases in a physical way) is anxiety and fear, which needs to be addressed

  • Realised that we needed to expand our platform beyond Instagram and build on what we'd started

That brings us to today and the start of Chapter 2, where Jules is going to take more time to actively focus on her business and my focus is going to shift to "Life after the Coronavirus" where I plan to cover and share our navigation of:

  • Fully healing our immune systems

  • Salvaging our 4 businesses (3 of which have been forced to close) and attempting to minimise negative impact to our employees

  • Rebuilding "normal" life

  • Life in South Africa as someone who has overcome COVID-19

And alongside that, to:

  • Seek ways of addressing the anxiety and fear pandemic happening alongside Corona

  • Continue building on our current platforms

  • Assimilate our experience of COVID-19 in digestible ways to assist others who are going to go through the journey we already have

From the start, there's been a voice in my head that has kept saying "one day at a time" and that's how this will continue.

Good night all! Megs xxx


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