• Megs

Chapter 3: Sparkling Hands

Our journey started with a positive test result, which triggered an Instagram picture narrative, the birth of Living Corona Positive and our story of recovery. Chapter 1 ended with a “graduation” in the form of our De-Isolation Certificate and focus shifted to further healing, getting back to somewhat “normal” life, building the LCP website & blog and “fleshing it out” with more experience-based content and inevitably, trying to figure out how we were going to get our businesses through this epidemic! Chapter 3 seems to be unfolding before I’ve wrapped up Chapter 2 as I still have so much that I want to add to this platform, which I will continue doing. Chapter 3 is here and it’s time to again, shift up a gear! I’ve been pretty open about my “stuckness” in terms of what to do and how to handle being a business owner in the most unknown and confusing time in history, making a previously hero’d entrepreneurial life look like a detrimental life choice. I first had to wrap my head around what the heck was actually going on in our surrounding economy, which was a task in and of itself. Thereafter, I had to face and digest the truth, that as a supplier to the hospitality industry, an industry that is completely shut down with a grim foreseeable future, the truthful conclusion was that we have no more clients. No clients = no income = no business. Only thereafter, was the toughest step… Acceptance! Like, big-girl panty type acceptance! And

while re-reading my previous blog post titled, “My Small Business Caught COVID19”, I realised that an intention of leaning into this fearful unknown combined with a small miracle brought me the clarity I have now. That process took a while but out of it, a project we’re calling “Sparkling Hands” was born.

I’m really excited about this project because of the teams and communities that it brings together and the fact that it has a much deeper meaning than any other work I’ve done before. I would never have (had the time) made the time or mental space to do this in “normal life” so that’s one positive that’s come out of lockdown for me. I’d love to tell you everything right now but I’ve got to get to work on the launch material so we can go live on Monday - eeeekk!! Basically, welcome to Chapter 3: Giving Back & Sparkling Hands… More info on the way!


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