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In chatting with a friend yesterday, I realised that part of the reason why we (as a family) coped positively through our Corona recovery and made seem like it was somewhat simple and easy was because of our ability to remain present throughout that time and and not allow ourselves to get into a state of worry or panic (ok, aside from one day). I have spoken to countless people in the past few weeks who are suffering from crippling anxiety and I know that for me, incorporating gratitude lists as a daily practise was the best decision I ever made for my mental health & resilience (along with meditation) and I feel compelled to share this tool and coping mechanism as a very simple and accessible method in helping anyone to deal with the stress and worry we’re all experiencing during this time.


About 7 or 8 years ago and over a period of 2 years, I committed to writing a gratitude list every single day and it’s a practise I have kept and continued to use most days and especially when I’m going through something tough, like our journey of healing from Corona! Over a period of time, gratitude rewired my brain from that of negativity & limitation to positivity & abundance. I’m serious, I’m not kidding with you! It might sound airy fairy but it really did happen! If this is already something you already do, awesome! I hope that this is a reminder to keep doing it. If you’ve never done a gratitude list before, here is how I do mine and below there are some worksheets I’ve made for you to download, print out and use to write on if it makes it easier for you.

STEP 1: I jot down my day step by step and in order from start to finish. Eg: Woke up → workout with Jules & Mark → showered → Corona Granola for breakfast → call from Herman → answered emails & IG messages → Facetimed with Bree → Designed labels → made lunch → business chat with Dad → new project planning → Facetime with Julia (another Jules) → puzzle & news → Mom made dinner → writing gratitude blog post

So Step 1 is just recapping the day. You’ll be very surprised at how hard this can be sometimes! It’s crazy how we can forget parts of our day! I don’t really bring emotion into this step, it’s more a list of what happened physically and important points or events. STEP 2: Write what you were grateful for that day. To do this, I first write down anything that jumps out at me that I’m grateful for or maybe it’s just something I’m grateful for in general. Eg: I’m grateful for:

  1. Mom for making dinner

  2. Our health

  3. Having our family home to do lockdown in together

Once I’ve got those “obvious” or "easy" ones down, I turn to my activity list for the day and try to find gratitude in each one

  1. The motivation from Mark & Jules to complete the workout

  2. So many peeps sharing their Corona Granola pics with me today!

  3. A functioning laptop & Wifi!!

  4. Wifi!!

  5. Bree and her willingness to help me out with a project I’m stuck on

  6. My design programs and ability to do design work

  7. Dad for his patience and continuous support of me & Mark no matter what

  8. Julz for her insight

  9. Mom for being the best housewife in the universe

  10. This platform to share messages like this!

So that is my real life gratitude list for today. OK, I will admit, today was an easy day and nothing went majorly wrong and it’s definitely easier to find gratitude on good/easy days. But the irony is that the more you practise gratitude, the better your days get.

Also to note, this list is long! If you can only get down 3 points in a day, that's absolutely fine. The number of points you write is not what's important, the process of doing it is! You know the saying, “Life is not about what happens to you, it’s about how you react to it”? Regular gratitude as a practise, in the form of gratitude lists, helps you to react positively to the events in your day thereby giving you space to find more gratitude. But for the sake of illustration, here’s a bad day and how one can find gratitude through it: DAY: woke up → skipped workout → burned the toast & ran out of eggs → went to shop & forgot about new client Zoom meeting → emails → ripped my new jeans → Bear ate my certificate → can of tuna for dinner

  • Woke up: Grateful for my warm bed and to have a roof over my head

  • Skipped workout: Grateful that I don’t feel guilty about no work out and I allowed myself to rest for today #selfcare

  • Burned the toast & ran out of eggs: Grateful that there was one last slice of bread! Grateful that I could accept and readjust to having peanut butter instead of eggs in the moment and that I didn’t let it get to me

  • Went to shop & forgot about the new client Zoom meeting: Grateful that client called back this afternoon and was understanding.

  • Emails: Grateful to have work!

  • Ripped my new jeans: Grateful that I can afford to buy new jeans, grateful that it’s lockdown and I have no one to impress, grateful that Mom is handy with a sewing machine and I might be able to persuade her to fix them.

  • Bear ate my certificate: grateful to have a reason to have been given the certificate in the first place!

  • Can of tuna for dinner: Grateful to have had no dishes to clean!

It’s tough to find gratitude during hard times or bad days but that’s also the reason that it can be so impactful to figure out when life gets tough. It requires a little “deep digging”. I leant into gratitude every day while we were sick with Coronavirus and I realised after chatting with a friend today that (along with a few other positive reasons) gratitude was one of the main “tools” I used to stay present and stay positive during what was quite a hectic time. Anyways, I hope some of you will incorporate this powerful and magical tool into your day especially if you are struggling with anxiety right now. I’m not a mental health specialist but I know a few things about coping with anxiety and getting through tough times with a positive attitude and I promise you that this is what helped me the most. I’ve made some Living Corona Positive gratitude worksheets for you to download and print out if it makes the process easier as well as some screen-shotable Instastories that you’ll find in the “Worksheets” highlights reel on our Instagram Page for you to share if you’d like.

Here are some TOP TIPS for incorporating Gratitude into your daily life:

  • Download & use one of the LCP Daily Gratitude Worksheets to make your daily gratitude easier

  • Screenshot and repost the LCP Daily Gratitude Instastories (and tag us so we can share in your gratitude)

  • Or get yourself a really nice notebook & pen dedicated to your gratitude.

  • Pick a time of day (I think first thing in the morning or just before bed is best) as your time that you set aside to dedicate to gratitude

  • Consider starting a small Whatsapp group with friends to share your gratitude with each day, which can also help for accountability and remembering to do daily. It’s also beautiful to share and receive others’ gratitude.

  • Stick to min 3 and max 10 points to make the process simpler and less of a heavy task.

If you have any questions about Gratitude or my Gratitude Lists, DM or email me. Stay Healthy, Stay Positive xx


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