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@greenveganchick & COVID19

Sharné from @greenveganchick Instagram page connected with me a while ago as she'd tested positive for COVID19 and was self-quarantining at home.

Sharné has recovered and I've kept following her amazing Instagram account loaded with stunning imagery and vegan recipes!

Tonight we're making her Vegan Chickpea Curry for dinner, for our #meatfreemondays, which is becoming a tradition at home nowadays.

Here's a post she wrote for us:

MY CORONA: It is still so unreal to think that I really contracted the Corona Virus, and recovered from it! 2 weeks before lockdown, I travelled to Johannesburg for work for the day. The next day I felt like I had a slight cold - my throat and chest hurt a little and I had a runny nose. I told the people at work that I wasn’t feeling well and when I mentioned that I had a runny nose, 2 people told me that they had read that if you have a runny nose, then you definitely didn’t have COVID-19. Even though, at the time, those who had travelled abroad, or been in contact with someone that had tested positive, were the only ones considered to even possibly have contracted the virus. I had done neither, but a little voice in my head said to get tested anyway, to be sure. I got tested, and went into self-isolation, while I waited for my test results. As a precaution, my fiancée self-isolated with me. A few days after getting tested, I felt well again, but still stayed at home, waiting for my results. It just so happened that thousands of people went to get tested when I did, so the Lab I went to struggled to manage the load. It eventually took 2 weeks to get my results! Then, on the first day of lockdown, I got a call from the lab to say that I had tested negative! Yay! But, the following Wednesday, I got another call from my doctor, to be told that a lab technician had incorrectly logged my results, and that I had, in fact, tested positive!!! At the stage, I probably no longer had COVID-19, but the shock of realising I had had it brought me to tears. I felt guilty for having it, and for being someone that could transmit it to anyone else. Luckily the tests took so long, or I might have gone back to work and could have infected a lot of other people, before the lockdown started. I had been in self-isolation with my fiancée for weeks already, and during that time he, thankfully, had shown no symptoms. My co-workers and family were healthy. I was just very lucky to not have gotten seriously ill. I’ve been vegan for 9 years, and I honestly believe that it had something to do with the fact that I showed only mild symptoms, and recovered within days of feeling ill. I got tested again a few weeks later and I am now COVID-19 negative! It is great to know I no longer have the virus, and sure it’s great to know I might now be immune. I’m writing this because I hope my story will help people to know that the virus can be beaten. But I also want people to realise that light cold symptoms should be taken seriously, especially now that people are starting to go back to work, and the way the virus has affected the whole world. I want everyone to “Stay safe, Stay home, Stay healthy”. Sharné – The Green Vegan Chick


When we were healing from COVID19, we all naturally turned away from sugar, alcohol & dairy, which we all know are not good for our bodies when trying to heal. When my Dad & brother were at their worst, they were both put off by meat and I can't help but think that was their body's way of trying to heal. As a result, veganism & plant based eating has piqued my interest now more so than ever before and we we'll be chatting to @greenveganchick later in the week about her opinion on veganism, plant based eating and living well.


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