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"No Oceans" Half Marathon - Lockdown Style!

Nicole is one of those really hard working, driven and focused women. And what she achieved today is a testament to that!

Today was supposed to be the annual 2-Oceans Half Marathon in Cape Town, a race that so many South African's attend every year and put a lot of effort and energy into training for.

Nicole didn't let lockdown make her training go to waste. She got up early this morning and completed a 21.1km run IN HER GARDEN!! Now if that's not determination, then I don't know what is.

With Nicole's permission, here is her write up from Facebook that she shared on her page today:

So proud of you Nicole! What a legend!!


"My No Oceans Half Marathon this morning in a record-breaking time of 3:19. Man those corners slow you down. This was such a humbling experience, I'm so grateful that I could still attempt this race by the simple fact that I have a garden. It was a toughie, but every time I wanted to quit, I thought of all of you doing the same thing in your yards (some running even further) and I put my head down and just did the damn thing. Very happy to be showered and on the couch now with my kitty, looking at the rain and listening to Michael prep pizza dough in the kitchen. Thanks to him as well as my amazing parents for supporting me with everything they have, as they always do. With love, gratitude and sore feet. Nicole"

FRIDAY, 10 APRIL 2020:

"Pre-race traditions thinking of all the runners as you take up this amazing challenge tomorrow. Runners have always been a little bit stubborn so I think we'll make it through, no problem I'll miss you all at the start, while the National Anthem plays and the goosebumps come in. I'll miss you on Southern Cross Drive, with the banter and laughs that keep people going up the hill. Most of all, I'll miss the finish line. Hearing it from Newlands Forest, the pumping beat and the anticipation of the crowd on the fields of UCT. Run safe, run hard and run your hearts out lots of love"


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